With a boot like this you can hear that you are walking


In the series always returning classics: the cowboy or western boot. Two years ago, after years of absence from the fashion and street scene, he was brought back to the attention by fashion houses such as Céline, Givenchy, Chloé and especially Calvin Klein, where Raf Simons had just been appointed as creative director and who had taken Americana as the overarching theme. . The fact that it took some time before the cowboy boot was really worn again may have said something about Simons’ success, or rather, the lack of it. He was fired in December 2018 due to disappointing results.

A much more successful promoter of the western style is ‘hip-hop cowboy’ Lil Nas X, whose Old Town Road broke all Billboard records this year. The 20-year-old musician not only looks great in his western outfits, he is also one of the people who has drawn attention to the black cowboy ignored in American history.

For women, there is a new version on the market this year: knee-length, and with a fairly high heel. But really, any cowboy boot is fine, of any age. It’s the toe and heel that age a shoe, but in the cowboy boot, those two are pretty consistent.


Christopher de guest (30, photographer) bought his boots two and a half years ago in country & western capital Nashville. This $150 pair was the only one that was affordable. The Guest wears them so regularly that he has had to have them repaired many times. Besides that he finds them beautiful, he also finds it “nice that you hear that you are walking. And a small heel is better than a flat shoe.”

Amber Meis (20, law student) came into contact with western boots this year because she worked at festivals in the booth of clothing brand Moost Wanted. “They style a lot with those boots.” This pair was sent to her by Naked to promote on her Instagram account, but she also has a pair from a thrift store.

Hairdresser in training Troy Mooijekind (19) finds it ‘nice to combine different different clothing styles’. These narrow metal-toe boots, which he bought a few months ago for 15 euros on Waterlooplein in Amsterdam, contrast well with his late-eighties outfit. Mooijekind was inspired by the catwalk and celebrities in cowboy boots for the purchase.

Also Floor Geleijns (23, production manager for commercials and films) found her boots on Waterlooplein. “I had been looking for a while, I thought it would be nice to walk around at festivals and I felt like wearing them with a dress. I’ve bought boots through Marktplaats before, but they were too tight. These were a bit too big, but I put in an insole on the advice of the sellers.”

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