Let’s think about the ambiance of diner

Such an ordinary, not too raked eatery with a good plate of food, what would we fancy! Eetcafé Schotsheuvel could have provided for that and they will soon, but until then we still do takeout. Schotsheuvel is owned by Wijmpje Beukers, an instant hit at the Van der Helstplein in the Pijp.

That success has everything to do with Wijmpje not pretending to be better than it is; you can have a nice and good meal for a reasonable price. Now that it has turned out so successful, people are eager for more and the owners found an attractive building in South, in the middle of the Museum Quarter. It’s one of those cafes with lots of wood, Art Deco and stained glass, you can drink Ruinart champagne and have a nice chicken, in short: this location also promises to be a hit. The business, named after a hamlet in Brabant, opened its doors in the middle of corona time, so there has been no real opening yet, but everything is ready for the start.

We want to taste what we can eat there soon. It is a clear and yet extensive menu with the well-known bistro dishes, but also trips to Italian and Asian cuisine.

We take French onion soup (7.50), coq au vin (12.50), tom kha kai (7.50), lasagna puttanesca (12.50) and an apple dumpling in puff pastry (5.50). The dishes are in a paper bag, everything can be heated up in the microwave for a while, but because we don’t have one, we recommend heating everything in the oven at 120 degrees. Not even, but forty minutes, which probably has to do with the plastic containers that cannot withstand higher temperatures. But forty minutes is really too long for us, so we scoop everything into oven dishes.

The soups come in a bucket, they are generous portions of 600 ml. The tom kha kai is nice and creamy because of the coconut milk and just spicy enough and it contains fresh spring onions and mushrooms, but there is no trace of the chicken. Closer examination of the map reveals that it is vegetarian tom kha kai, so actually it is tom kha.

The French onion soup with a cheese crouton is quite tasty and has been given a lot of thyme, but is a bit thin and the onions still have real bite. A good onion soup is of course about simmering the onions for a long time so that a sweet and savory taste is created and the soup gets a bit of substance. This soup is quickly made and therefore lacks harmony, the crouton with cheese is tasty old-fashioned.

The coq au vin is a tender chicken, we dare not say that red wine was used, because we do not see or taste it again, but there are bacon, thyme, carrot, onion rings and not dry-roasted new potatoes with garlic Bee. All in all a good deal, although it seems that all parts are prepared separately from each other and therefore not really forged into a whole.

The lasagna puttanesca with anchovies, capers and olives does indeed have a high salt content, you know that when you order this, and is spicy and cheesy, fine, all savory. But the lasagna itself is overcooked, the pasta is soft and sticky.

Finally, we share an apple bun in dough, of course with cinnamon on top, almonds in it and vanilla sauce on top, delicious and comforting and a nice finale.

The price-quality ratio at Schotsheuvel is excellent, but the food is still treated too casually. Perhaps you should think about the ambiance, but straight from the trays, there are still some finishing touches.

Reviewer and journalist Rock Possel tests a restaurant in and around Amsterdam every week.

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