Clothing companies promise ‘fair’ textile production

Today the cabinet and eleven social organizations present a list of fair clothing brands. The entrepreneurs who have signed the ‘Convenant on Sustainable Garments and Textile’ promise to commit themselves to better working conditions and to save the environment and climate in the production of their clothing. Nearly sixty companies, including WE Fashion, America Today, HEMA, Sissy Boy and De Bijenkorf, have signed the agreement. Together, the companies have 30 percent of the market in the Netherlands and the aim is for the market share of companies on the list to increase to 80 percent by 2020. Among other things, the companies must ensure that they do not use child or forced labour, that those who make their clothes receive sufficient wages and have a safe and healthy workplace where there is no discrimination. The companies must report on the agreements made.

The NGO Clean Clothes Campaign (SKC), which is committed to safe working conditions, refuses to sign the agreement. Although the organization is positive about the fact that action is being taken about working conditions, the organization is afraid that the agreements are only a ‘paper reality’. (NRC)

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